The Elements of Chess Excellence  

How do chess masters win game after game?  How do they defeat other strong and skilled players? We'll be answering these questions this summer as we explore the elements of chess excellence.  Each week will focus on a different aspect of the game.  Our work shop format combines group instruction, hands-on training involving puzzles to solve and positions to play out, and formal competition to create a learning/training environment designed to increase both understanding and practical results.  Campers are divided into study groups based on their age and experience, thus allowing our instructors to tailor their teaching material to the specific needs of the kids in their group. 


The Chess Odyssey camp program has developed over 20 years and 194 camps: 

Mornings  are mostly devoted to group learning, small group coaching, skill building exercises, and individual interaction with our staff.  Afternoons are spent further developing skills and understanding in formal and recreational play.  Campers are divided into study groups based on their age and experience. Some of our students are state champions (we’ve trained 95 of them); others are figuring out how the pieces move. We treasure each and every one of them. Happy, excited kids having fun learning a great game with their friends is what we are all about. 

What to bring 

Lunch, snacks, a water bottle, and your love of chess.